Power to the Coating

We are a dynamic and innovative reality,
in strong expansion thanks to a ten-year “Know-How” and the will to get involved, day by day.

The mission of Bose-X fully meets the requirements of a market in continuous transformation and increasingly looking for reliable partners: bring knowledge, innovation and high level know-how through products and services that promote technological and process evolution, enabling the simplification of the production processes.

We work continuously to meet the conditions required by the official certifications, which attest the compliance with the corporate efficiency standards, both locally and internationally.

Bose-X starts its productive activities as a supplier of Akzo Nobel, and since then we proceed hand in hand with the evolution of the coating production sector and with the increasingly complex needs of our costumers. Furthermore, we work as exclusive partner of Axalta group on the industrial liquid paints area.

An ideological aim, which is daily pursued by Bose-X through its multiple and integrated activities, is to minimize the environmental impact of the productive cycle. In Bose-X creativity, passion and expertise are intertwined in order to bring to life products and services increasingly innovative, centered on the current and evolving needs of our customers.