We love our planet

The corporate and cultural choice that has distinguished us for years is our philosophy:
combining the right attention to innovation, development and competitiveness, with a focus on sustainability and respect for the environment.

After a sharp analysis of the energy efficiency of the production site, Bose-X has identified the key points on which concentrate consumption reduction actions. We have worked to speed up the installation of a last generation photovoltaic system: investment that aims to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, compared with the pollution that would produce a thermoelectric power plant for the same amount of energy. In addition, the production site, has a very modern geothermal power plant for the production of heating and cooling; with zero environmental impact.

In addition, we work on the correct separation and disposal of the production waste: besides the traditional recycling of paper, paperboard, plastic, glass, iron and other materials, Bose-X pays close attention to the final destination of the products and components destined to recycling. Obviously we are sharp and accurate regarding to the control of emissions, constantly checked with the help of the in charge agencies.

We devote daily attention to the production, by optimizing the volumes and weights, thus achieving considerable energy savings in handling and transport.

Lastly, we are proud of the exemplary care we take towards our sites, offices and any working area. Bose-X is always attentive to the welfare of the people who work in the company and does it always maintaining optimal working conditions for its all employees.