Application sectors

We are present in various industrial painting sectors, offering products and services dedicated to the specific needs of our customers.

Specialty Plastics

We satisfy the whole demand of the coating industry for all diversity of plastic surfaces. We add value with the commitment of reaching the excellence in this area by offering the highest quality products. Our paint is applied on end products such as coffee machines, microwaves, hair dryers, other small appliances, helmets, etc.

In addition, we provide the paint with which are made the packages of different cosmetic products, such as lipsticks, compacts and perfumes.

General Industry

In cooperation with our customers and partners we develop products and solutions for the metal coating; applied from the smallest component to the most complex structure, in all industrial areas. Our range of services is carefully designed to meet the needs of the market and of the application systems.

Leather Coating

Our innovative solution optimizes the efficiency of the production processes and offers the perfect balance among flexibility, strength and durability. From furniture to fashion and footwear, our high quality products enhance, protect and improve the surface and appearance of the leather.